Monday, September 01, 2008

Why Zocor Is Part Of God's Plan

These are last night's entree. Half of them got doused with Dreamland's famous sauce. The other half got my less well known but pretty damn good nonetheless bourbon barbecue sauce. We had potato salad, hot dogs, bratwurst, watermelon and homemade cupcakes, along with beer, wine and Knob Creek.

There were kids and dogs in the yard and our mood was lightened by the possibility that Gustav might pretty much bypass New Orleans and be a relative dud to boot! Our mood was also lightened by the whiskey.

Even Uncle John, who was at death's door last week, tried a rib which ain't exactly on the diet just yet. Since he didn't keel over in pain I guess his gut is on the mend.

All in all, I would have to call last night a success.


Melissa said...

TMFW knows how to party. Looks tasty.

Anonymous said...

Hey TMFW, If those ribs tasted as good as they looked then I'm sure you threw one hell of a get-together.
Let me know the next time you do ribs and I will give you some of my homemade "Floatys Magic Dust", a rib rub that I think you might enjoy.
Also, if I may offer a suggestion, give Big Ricks bbq sauce a try if you like your ribs wet. Very tasty. You can pick it up locally at the kitchenco out in that shopping center where the Fresh Market is located.

Zocor Prescription Information said...

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tmfw said...

Thank you Wendy....