Sunday, September 14, 2008

Comes The Dawn

We are none the worse for wear here in the People's Republic of Hillcrest. According to Entergy's website there are a few outages scattered about me but not many. Most of the 155,000 outages they report are out in the rural areas of Arkansas. Most likely trees falling on power lines.

I woke up around 5 to the amusing sound of transformers blowing up somehwere north of me. Although the alarm clock flickered and I heard the AC compressor momentarily fail to catch, the power stayed on as did the cable.

Not much debris in the yard. Thank God I had the unusual good sense to have a tree service come in last week and really prune back the trees. The end result is that there is not nearly as much shit to pick up as there was after Gustav.

The air is cool and drier. Only 30 % chance of rain today. The weather this upcoming week is supposed to be absolutely delightful with highs in the seventies and lows in the fifties.

But godalmighty, Houston looks like a war zone. We are awfully lucky around here. It could have been, and was supposed to be, far, far worse.

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