Sunday, September 14, 2008


Went for a run this morning to survey the damage. Apparently, a huge oak tree went down on Lee Avenue, taking 2 utility poles w/it. That must've been what caused the transformers to go "boom" this morning.

Presbyterians and Methodists are without power although, oddly enough, the little crazy Anglican church on Lee was spared God's wrath and its elderly congregation was creeping in as per usual. Catholics are a going concern as I hear the bells calling the congregation to 11 o'clock mass. Either that or they are being dismissed from 10 o'clock. Msgr. Thomas is a notoriously fast worker.

Traffic light out at Kavanaugh and Beechwood and the Brazilian restaurant closed for lack of power. I went to my little gym to do my daily allotment of "updowns" on the mats. The trainer calls them "burpies." If you ever played football in the seventies you called 'em updowns. Which are just what they sound like. They are as delightful today as they were in 1971. Anyway, the power was on there, one block over from the Brazilian joint. Hard to figure.

Trucks from Entergy and the City running up and down Van Buren. My brother's power over in Pleasant Valley where the rich white folks live went out last night.


Anyway, he's back up and running.

Off to forage for sustenance. That is all for now.


Melissa said...

You in shape enough to do burpies. GO GRANDPA. (I KID!!!! I KID!!!!)


trinalovesneworleans said...

So glad y'all did okay... saw Ike making a beeline for Little Rock on the weather channel last night and was thinking about you.

tmfw said...

Thanks, buddy! Maybe we can both be spared any further unwelcome visitors from the Gulf this season.

Anonymous said...

Electricity was off at "the home" for awhile this a.m., I think, but nothing major.

What I can't understand is these dumptruck loads of Texans needing to be rescued after being told, "Leave the area or face certain death." Don't Texans have SUVs to drive? I thought they were all plucky and self-reliant. And Republican.

I never have caught on to the hurricane mentality.

It's raining ropes, as the French say, in North Alabama right now, but no strong winds.

Let's hope CANE season is over for '08.


Melissa said...

woah that was tacky. Sorry.