Thursday, August 09, 2012

See Ya Later!

Getting on a plane and blowing town tomorrow.  Way overdue.  Will be jammed up for the foreseeable future with family bidness, my catchup work with a highly alliterative consumer protection organization and my initial foray into the banking world. 

See you in September!

It's all good.  Really good. 

Talk amongst yourself until I get back. 

Sunday, August 05, 2012

My Sunday Feeling

I got a message from a friend the other day.  She has a kid over at the eStem charter school downtown.  She told me that they had an assembly over there last year where the kids were  addressed by a woman identified as "Alexis from Texas."  She was dressed in a bridal gown for some reason and, as I understand it, she held herself out as a 40 year old virgin while she addressed the assembly on the virtues of abstinence. 

My friend asked me if this sort of presentation was "taboo."  I guess by taboo she meant an unconstitutional injection of religion into a public school.

The first thing I did was google the words "alexis texas."  What popped up were many sites devoted to the body of work (pardon the expression) of a porn actress named "Alexis Texas."  Acting strictly in the interests of journalism as I was and also in order to provide my friend with accurate information I took in some of Alexis' art.  For about 2 hours.

Just kidding.

Anyway, if indeed Alexis Texas is the altar ego of  Alexis from Texas then I fear that a massive fraud was perpetrated on the Little Rock Public Schools.  I mean massive, as a cursory review of her work would lead the casual reviewer to the inescapable conclusion that Alexis Texas is as much a virgin as I am a harpsichordist.  Unless, of course, she would utilize the technical defense that in some cultures certain acts, acts that were extravagantly displayed in the videos, are not considered violative of the virginal state.  And I will leave it at that.

However, as much as it would amuse me to be proven wrong on this, I think the safer bet is that Alexis from Texas does not supplement her lecture fees by acting in porn films.  Which leads us to my friend's tamer question of whether such a lecture is "taboo." 

Well, I wasn't there and I don't know what was presented.  But I don't think an abstinence lecture necessarily violates the 1st Amendment despite the fact that this is a big deal for evangelical types who are not above sneaking their brand of Christianity into a public schoolhouse whenever the opportunity presents itself.   According to them. sex education is pornography.  Which is bullshit.  Alexis Texas , who may or may not be Alexis from Texas, is pornography.  Sex education is, well, education. While I don't disagree that young kids don't need to be fooling around, such a lecture is not sex education.  And the manner in which this particular talk was presented seems pretty stupid to me.

A grown woman lecturing in a bridal gown is pretty campy.  Her claim to be a virgin is pretty much neither provable or disprovable, at least from the perspective of a gentleman who tends to keep knowledge of such matters to himself.  And what kinda signal does this get up send anyway?  I mean, everybody knows that the average bride is gonna get her some as soon as the gown hits the hotel room floor.  And doesn't a person need some sort of baseline knowledge of such matters married or otherwise? 

So while I don't think, from what little I know about the show that day at eStem, that the presentation was "taboo" or "illegal."  But it did sound more than a little silly.  And it didn't sound like much useful useful info got put out during the assembly.  Abstinence only lectures are ineffective.  Kids are kids.  They will experiment.  They will play with fire.  They need to know facts.  This kind of campy nonsense is no substitute for that.  Which kinda irks me as a taxpayer.

But, really, if anybody can prove that Alexis Texas and her allegedly abstinent quasi-namesake are the same person please drop me a line.  LRSD needs to get its money back.