Sunday, December 07, 2014

Early Holiday Trauma

I'm going to take a little break from this space.  I got way too much to do. Which seems odd since, suffice it to say, its not like I am overly burden by work-related cares.  In fact, I was way better at multi-tasking back then.  Now I'm not real good at "two-tasking."  

A friend of mine who is a retired law professor warned me about this.  He said I would arrive at this place.  

Boy he wasn't kidding.  

Then again, a lady told me the other day that I was awfully busy for somebody that has nothing to do.  There is that too.  Before I left the house last night I was emailing back and forth with a lawyer in Louisiana about the Declaratory Judgments Act along with other fascinating matters.  

As they say, once a Baptist always a Baptist.  Once a lawyer always a lawyer. Now, don't get me wrong.  I could not be trusted with a simple divorce without supervision. But I guess as long as my mind remains polluted with experiences involving the United States Code, federally insured loans and other arcane matters, the phone will ring from time-to-time.  

But that was yesterday.  Today, I have a book review to concoct before the Saints come on.  And I need to practice my guitar.  

What stress.

Talk among yourselves until I get back.  I'm going to lie down now.