Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Wally's Travelogue

In his last couple of columns, noted cosmopolitan Wally Hall has been regaling the readers with the account of his trip to Italy. Today he told us about the sights he witnessed while on the week long Mediterranean cruise that was part of the package.

Only Wally could talk about the island of Majorca after the greatest Gentleman's Final in the history of Wimbledon and fail to mention that the winner, Rafael Nadal, is from Majorca. Maybe if he had ever heard of Rafa, or knew that Wimbledon was even being played, he might have asked the locals what they thought about the hometown boy. But that would require him to acquire an interest in something other than the Razorbacks, whatever Charles Cella tells him to write about, and his softball tournament. Which is way too much trouble and ain't never gonna happen.

You get the sports page you deserve.

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