Sunday, July 06, 2008

Don't Tell Aunt Charlsie About This

The NY Times ran a fascinating story about the discovery of a stone which is described as a "Dead Sea Scroll" on stone. Depending on how it is interpreted, the inscription on the stone stands for the proposition that belief in the death and resurrection of a Jewish leader existed before Christ and was possibly part of mainstream Jewish thought of the time.

Which ain't exactly what you are likely to hear from the pulpit at, say, Lifeline Missionary Baptist Church. Check out the story at the jump:

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Polycarp said...

By far the easiest course for our fundamentalist friends will be to embrace the tablet as a record of a previously-unknown prophesy that then came true. That a Messiah would arise from the house of David ("A Shoot shall grow from the root of Jesse...") had been predicted from the the days of the prophets. Christ's followers found prophesies about Him in Psalms, Jeremiah, and Isaiah, among others. Even thoughtful mainstream Christian thinkers like Garry Wills manage to find a single narrative out of the New Testament despite all the contradictions and conflicts. This is very interesting, but will not cause problems.