Saturday, July 19, 2008

I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby-The Louvin Brothers

The Louvin Brothers, were an old Gospel act that specialized in gothic songs about what tragedy can befall you when you turn your back on Jesus, leave the farm and go to Knoxville. Many of the subjects of their songs tended to drown in the river. Which is what Baptists might confuse with irony.

Charlie and Ira Louvin have been described in one recent textbook on country music as "unhinged." Ira-the one on the left- exceptionally so. Just watch his eyes while he sings.

Anyway, this is how crazy Ira was.
His wife shot him 5 times. And he lived. He died in a car wreck three years later.

Only the genuinely smooth running crazy can pull that off.

Have a nice night. Hope you don't have bad dreams.


Anonymous said...

Last night at Gallery 26, you split before I could say hello.

tmfw said...

I'm sorry I missed you!