Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Me and Uncle Earl

If you remember your Louisiana politics, you will have heard of the time Earl Kemp Long got put in the nervous hospital by his family over his dalliance with a stripper named Blaze Starr which we may assume was not her baptismal name. Uncle Earl eventually got sprung when one of his political cronies became the head of what passed for the state mental health system at that time.
When he ran for Congress after he left the nuthouse there was some badinage among his opponents during a debate that Uncle Earl was tetched in the head. Earl pulled out his discharge papers and allowed as how he was the only guy running for office that was declared sane.
My CT scan-and that is not mine depicted above-shows a "normal brain" which most of my colleagues dispute.
My brain is certified normal. That's all I need.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see that you are ok. It's probably just the heat.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, well.

When he was 4, my son got a MAJOR incorrect diagnosis at a MAJOR university hospital (touted in this week's US News & World Report) based on the bloodwork of another child.

The lab got his blood vial mixed up with another kid's. Oops.

So don't get too smug about your supposed proof of normal.

I'm just sayin'.


tmfw said...

Maybe so, maybe no. More on this later.

Thanks for the kind words.