Thursday, July 31, 2008

Vox Populi-The Boards

To read some reaction to last Sunday's post go here.

My only response is that I don't know how some of the posters got it into their heads that I am female.

Oh well....

BTW...I'm not.


Anonymous said...

Ha! you girlyman! You'd make one helluva ugly woman with that beard.
I've kept my mouth shut on this whole deal until now. As a UCA alum, it makes me sick to my stomach that they tried to hide this through executive session. If they would have been up front about it in the first place, someone might have realized this was the wrong thing to do. Actually, the way i figure it, they already KNEW it was the wrong thing to do. That is why they went into executive session when they made this decision in the first place.
Many similarities as our current administration residing in the White House. Hmmm...what is Bushies approval rating now?
I graduated from UCA over 10 years ago. One semester's tuition was around $800. I've heard that it is now around $2800.
For one, this makes me feel like an old codger. Two, I guess that explains how they can pay Lu these outlandish "bonuses" and salary.
I am proud that I went to college and earned a degree. I really enjoyed attending UCA and have made lifelong friends. However...
Just because Lu's UCA commercial is on EVERY STINKIN' TIME I TURN ON THE TV doesn't make me any more proud of the institution than I was before.
Thanks for allowing me this forum to vent.

Polycarp said...

You're male? Were you born that way?

tmfw said...

This is actually interesting stuff here in the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Simply amazing. Especially the "she" part...

I've never really understood the "my alma mater, love it or leave it" feeding frenzy, either.

Here in Alabama, some very nice Arkies have moved 2 doors down from me. All of their wooden Razorback lawn decorations are in the garage, awaiting display when football season begins. Seems like one tasteful red Hog in a flower bed would do.

I've already introduced myself and explained the necessity of declaring when one moves to Alabama: It's either Auburn or Bama. One cannot say, "I don't give a rat's ass. I'm a Razorback." Crosses have been burned on lawns for less.

At least you stoked a few UCA fires, Sir tmfw :-)