Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Who, What, When, Where and Why

In the usual puff piece about Sen. Edward Kennedy's wife on Good Morning America the other day they claimed that Victoria Reggie Kennedy's father was a former Governor of Louisiana.

Robin Roberts' response to this news was " I didn't know that."

That's because it isn't true. Ed Reggie was a political insider and pretty big stuff during the administration of Edwin Edwards. But he was never Governor.

Don't they look this stuff up? This is Wally Hall level fact checking.


Polycarp said...

Vickie Reggie was two years ahead of us in law school, but she didn't look or act like she does now. One night during exams we were both studying in the smoking room in the library, got to talking, and decided the best way to prepare for exams was to go do shots at the Boot. She was plenty smart and a riot to hang with. Killer smile.

I always thought her father was a judge.

tmfw said...

Her father was a judge and a Trustee at Tulane. He also got indicted a couple of times for bank fraud type stuff.

But he wasn't ever Governor which would have been an easy enough thing to deduce after a quick trip to the official State of Louisiana website or something.