Thursday, June 19, 2008

Two In A Row

Today's Wally took on the athletic department at Oklahoma State. Which is certainly a burning interest for the average sports fan here in town.
Evidently,if we can attribute accuracy and plain meaning to anything Wally puts out , OSU is thinking about removing Eddie Sutton's name from the basketball court.
This is Wally's take:
" The idea of removing Eddie Sutton's name from the basketball court is nothing more than the precursor to having his name taken off the court."
Yes. That's the traditional function of ideas. They necessarily serve as the precursor to actions.
Here's more: " If this is the strongarm tactics of some booster, than the entire Cowboy Nation should be ashamed."
That would be T. Boone Pickens and he is basically running the athletic department at OSU. This is no secret and it would take no balls to say that.
If it matters so much to Wally, why doesn't he do some interviews to see what's going on up in Stillwater? Why doesn't he tell us why this merits space in the paper?
It's because he's just banging something out until football season.
You get the sports page you deserve.


Polycarp said...

Of course, I am moved to write poetry.


Yet another Wally blog
Accompanied by photo:
Find another hobby

tmfw said...

Are you suggesting that I am obsessed?

Polycarp said...

Or, as Robert Service might have said,

There are strange things done ‘neath the Arkansas sun by the bloggers who whinge about Wally
The Moving Finger Writes demands re-writes enough to make you bark like a collie
Pulaski Heights has seen strange sights but the strangest it ever did see was a day in June when the bearded loon wrote about something other than Wally

Anonymous said...

Both poems are fine efforts,
PC. Have you thought of publishing?

tmfw has a tough job impaling Mr. Hall, but somebody's gotta do it.