Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Like It Ain't

There's been all kinds of activity in the sports world the last week or so. You've got the damndest finish to a US Open in history. You've got the NBA Finals with the backstory about whether the refs are fixing the games. You've got the continuing story in the continuing criminal enterprise that is the horse game about the unbelievable collapse of Big Brown at the Belmont.

The Mets treated Willie Randolph like dirt and the Cubs are the best team in baseball.

So, with all this going on what does Wally Hall write about in the erroneously labeled "Like It Is" column? Monday he wrote about the retirement of an assistant AD at Arkansas and today he wrote about how legendary track coach and LR resident Clyde Horton survived a bizarre form of cancer, a story which was covered in depth-and God knows better written-a couple of years ago in the Religion Section.

Understand (as he is fond of starting sentences in which he tries to make a point) that Wally can't be troubled to actually be interested in too much other than Razorback football and basketball, his stupid softball tournament and whatever Charles Cella tells him about the Sport of Kings.

You get the sports page you deserve. And until the Letters page is full of complaints and people march on Walter Hussman's house bearing torches and pitchforks, we can expect more of this drivel.

We found out today that Tiger Woods won the Open with a torn ACL and two stress fractures in his left leg. Guess we can count on Wally to write another column about his daughter's having moved to Memphis.


Anonymous said...

I take it that you don't care for Wally's column?
(said with tongue firmly implanted in cheek.)

tmfw said...

I just don't get why he the sports editor for the masthead paper of the state gets away with writing these stupid discursive columns that center around individuals that he either knows from bars, people he knows from bars, church or people he knows from church. Or people that he looks up on Wikipedia.

I don't get it.