Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Oh please.....

Hot on the heels of his cri de ego book "My Confession," the inevitable interview with former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey is in this month's GQ. And can be found at the jump below:


The interview is remarkable for no other reason than it confirms that McGreevey is nothing more than a preening narcissist who is capable only of speaking in ersatz 12 Step psychobabble (he's addicted not to sex or booze but to the adoration of others. No lie. He actually said that shit.)

When asked about the harm his secretly gay lifestyle caused his wife Dina he responds thusly:

" The punishment is the sin itself," he says. " The act itself is the punishment, and that's the basic moral violation. If you're not integrated, if you maintain two worlds, if you're not aligned with your higher power, it becomes all to easy to fracture. And I, ironically, paid the ultimate price for it."

See? Not his fault. He wasn't integrated, that's all. And ironically he's the one that paid the price for it!

I haven't had to listen to bullshit like this in at least a year in a half. And the memory of certain of those insane conversations in another lifetime made me want to sew my eyes shut about halfway through Jeanne Marie Laskas's otherwise excellent interview.

Maybe I'm being unfair but I don't think so. Read it for yourself. Leave me a comment.


guess who, friend I haven't seen in awhile said...

Was Diana asked how if effected her?

I have a bit of experience in this realm and I've NEVER heard such insanity. I know five men who have had 'secret' gay lives and then finally left their wives so they could come out, including my own father. I was relieved for him--happy, really--that he would no longer have to live a lie. But my mother? I still struggle to forgive him for what he did to her. She got cheated out of a lifetime and felt shame that was of course undeserved. And because of the years during which this happened, serious fears for her health. If you're going to sneak around with men and then humiliate your wife, who you never should have bothered in the first place, at least own up to it a little bit.

The sin is its own punishment? Is that what he said? Was it her sin? Is that our defense?


tmfw said...

I know who you are and I thought about your Mom. I guess the thing that I find most disgusting about the McGreevey situation is that, by his own admission, he married Dina strictly for political reasons. It's not like he realized his true sexual orientation while he was married and needed to make a change. McGreevey outed himself only after being threatened with blackmail.

Your mom is 10 times tougher than I could ever be. I just can't imagine. I admire her so much for so many reasons and I am honored to be considered her friend. To have gone through such a humiliating experience with marbles intact speaks volumes for her strength and character.

Strength and character: 2 words that I cannot ascribe to Jim McGreevey. Or Mark Foley either.