Saturday, October 14, 2006

Here We Go.........

Patterns. We all have them. Some of them are more benign than others.

Terrell Owens....he's gots him some major patterns. This is a virtual replay of the diva shit he pulled with the Eagles that got him fired.

Stay tuned....Next thing you know he'll go off on Drew Bledsoe on the sidelines.


singleaxis said...

Dear Moving Finger (or may I call you MF because this seems more in the spirit of your blog?), You are astute in your observations of TO. In my business we would diagnose this asshole with what is known as borderline personality disorder with cluster B personality traits (look it up). He is a model case. The overdose, the arguments, the provocative statements, the underplaying after all the bragging, etc. Since he arrived in Dallas, like he has done everywhere, it has been one drama after another - where no drama exits. Let me add, sadly, that these are absolutely the worst people on earth to deal with; they are endlessly needy and attention seeking and drain the will of those around them. Even more sadly is there is no cure. I enjoyed your article about the runaway bride - same diagnosis. Keep up the good work, MF!


tmfw said...

Thank you and welcome back! And of course you may call me MF if you feel so led.

Another shrink of my acquaintance concurs with your assessment of TO. For the life of me, I do not know why Parcells is putting up w/this bullshit. I don't suppose that the Cowboys could force Owens to submit to an evaluation w/o the Union going nuts. But you got to wonder if there's something going on beyond mere diva behavior.

singleaxis said...

Dear MF - your whole blog Mafia that you and PM have is the best around. I love the links to Slate.Com and elsewhere. The Doonesbury blog is so poignant and touching (and sad)that it makes me hate GWB and those fuck cronies - especially Cheney and Rumsfeld - all the more. But enough of this unpleasantness. Back to TO. I heard on NFL today Terry Bradshaw state straight up that they should do just what you, the MF, suggested. As you know Bradshaw has toured the country as a mouthpiece of sorts to raise awareness for bipolar disorder AND ADD (which he suffers from and which was probably brought on by multiple blows to the head during his football years)and actually KNOWS something about mental illness. For him to say such a thing is insightful (for TB). However, even if TO is officially diagnosed as a Borderline (which he is), you are correct in suspecting that he'd throw such a fit and make such a scene that it wouldn't be worth the trouble.

Parcells is saddled with this crazy asshole and that's his fault.

As I heard today, Einsteins definitions of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. What did Dallas expect would happen when they hired TO?


tmfw said...

In the government they refer to such an order to get checked out as a "fitness for duty examination."

I would suspect that mental illness is the last frontier of professional sports. Especially football. I mean, look at last night's riot in Miami.

Hey! Thanks for the kind words about PM and me. I've been carrying him for years.