Thursday, October 26, 2006

A Dispatch From The Field

The following gay banter took place on the Instant Messenger earlier this week.

Elvis: Jeff Skilling caught 24 years from the Judge today. It ain't enough.

tmfw: And he'll do every minute of it in the Federal system.

Elvis: Good. It's too good for him.

tmfw: You know, Skilling's 52. I turn 51 this week. I was looking over my 401k the other night. While I'm doing OK, but I sometimes wonder how things might have been if I had chose a more lucrative line of work. But then again, I'm not looking at spending the rest of my life in prison.

Elvis: You do have that in your favor.

tmfw: Wonder if Skilling would trade places with me?

Elvis: In a New York second.

tmfw: Yep.

Elvis: probably have more $ in your 401k than I do.

tmfw: No way! You made a zillion dollars practicing law.

Elvis: Yes, but I have 2 more ex-wives than you do. But for my unfortunate habit of engaging in matrimony, I would be a wealthy man.

tmfw: So basically, I am better off than you and Jeff Skilling.

Elvis: Y. But it's a low bar.

tmfw: I'll take what I can get at this stage. Hey, I gotta go. " Monday Night Football" is coming on.

Elvis: Glad to see you are still challenging yourself w/rigorous intellectual pursuits despite the advancing years.

tmfw: Bye.

Elvis: cya!


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tmfw said...

Okaaaaaaaaay.....Don't know what Jay Mariotti has to do w/this particular post but we welcome all responsible commentary from any source.

Thanks for checking in!