Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Blogger sometimes doesn't let me edit the way I want. Hence, the jumbled up lines at the bottom of the last post. For some reason, it wouldn't accept any spacing edits toward the end.

Go figure.



Anonymous said...

Switch over to the "Edit HTML" side on your Blogger.com compose page (you can also do this with previous posts in Edit). Erase every single damn [div] and [/div]. Try again. If that doesn't work, put in [br] wherever you want a line break (of course, this is also when you're in Edit HTML).

You will have to replace the hard brackets with < and >. I can't post this response with them in it, because Blogger won't allow those tags in comments. See what I mean?

Blogger is the devil, but it's the least of the evils out there, so we have to live with it best we can.

tmfw said...