Tuesday, April 03, 2007

When You're Hot You're Hot

Yesterday, the Razorbacks sent their plane up to Nebraska to bring Creighton's Dana Altman to Fayetteville in order to introduce him as the new occupant of the Chair of Basketball. They had the press conference, everybody called the Hogs and Frank Broyles headed for Augusta to watch the Masters.

Apparently Altman hung around for a day and said " Awww, the hell with it. I'm going back to Omaha." It is not good when a man turns down a program that considers itself to be a NATIONAL POWER to return to a tiny Midwestern Catholic "academic school" as Wally would say.

It is obvious that they held the presser before going through the formal requisites of getting Altman to actually sign a damn contract. Depending on who you read or listen to, this is the second " agreement in principle" Broyles had with a coach that was neither an agreement nor terribly principled.

As ESPN's Jay Bilas said, the geniuses in Fayetteville have screwed things up from the firing of Nolan to the inept search for the replacement for Stan Heath. I can hardly wait to hear what the pundits have to allow about this latest fiasco.

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