Monday, August 28, 2006

Stop the Presses!

The Boulder County Prosecutor's office dropped the charges against serial weirdo John Mark Karr when, despite his numerous protestations of guilt, the DNA sample they took from him failed to match the DNA obtained from the JonBenet Ramsey crime scene.

As regular readers of this blog can attest, and they number in the high two figures, I always thought his story had more holes in it than a colander. Secondly, judging from his relevant past, I adjudged him incompetent to be trusted with a wet match much less the successful prosecution of one of the more lurid murders in American history. Karr couldn't keep it sufficiently together to get a degree from that rinky dink college in Georgia he attended. Sanitizing a crime scene is way beyond his meager capabilities. Finally, and law enforcement relies on this sort of thing more than you might expect, the boy has a big mouth. If he had actually done it, he would have spilled the beans long before he saw the inside of a Bangkok prison cell. He would not have been able to help himself.

I think that it is probably too much to ask that he just go the hell away. The life of a man like John Mark Karr is rarely informed by the sense of shame that keeps most of us from making public spectacles of ourselves. Undoubtedly he will wind up on some talk show. Maybe he will write a book. Trust me. We have not seen the last of this whack job.

Which is unfortunate. John Mark Karr is a creep and a narcissist. He is unburdened by pride or shame. And his sorry excuse for a life has, for the moment, drawn attention away from the horrible reality that a little girl met an unspeakably savage end in her own home at Christmas.

Please go away Mr Karr. Go to hell while you are at it.

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