Saturday, August 26, 2006

My Sunday Feeling

Got a few things on my mind. Here they are. Duck.

Don't Stand So Close To Me- Sometimes I marvel that some people actually get paid to write stuff. Paid in the "actually make a living at it" sense of the word. Granted, these times are mostly whenever I read local sports "writer" Wally Hall. But occasionally something appears in a publication of national scope and circulation that would fit right in on the "Letters" page of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

The DG for some reason picked up an opinion piece from Newsday entitled "John Mark Karr's Closeup" written by Newsday editorial writer James P. Pinkerton. It ran yesterday in the Editorial section. You should read it if you haven't thrown it out yet. Read it and then throw it out. Such utter tripe I have not encountered in sometime.

Its thesis is that John Mark Karr, the alleged-mostly by him-killer of JonBenet Ramsey, is the logical by product of a permissive hedonistic culture, rights-based legal proceduralism and the media. I didn't much get past the third paragraph in which Pinkerton wrote:

"Now the authorities are saying that I went too far (this is supposed to be coming from inside the mind of Karr) that personal freedom doesn't include having sex with children. But where were they when the novel "Lolita" was published, back in 1955? That book, about an older man's affair with a 12 1/2 year old girl-which provided erotic inspiration to millions of pedophiles- is regarded as one of the great works of 20th Century literature. And needless to say, I agree! (emphasis supplied)."

Now that is just breathtakingly stupid. Let me get this straight. Millions of pedophiles-a substratum of our culture not typically known for their literary bent-read a book by Vladimir Nabokov, an author known for his occasionally inpenetrable prose style? Millions? And not only that, "Lolita" provided them with their "erotic inspiration?" Oh please.

Oh. And where were the authorities when "Lolita" came out? Some of them were busy hitting the ceiling. "Lolita" was banned in France-yes, France-and in parts of the United States. So, this would necessarily mean that millions of the pedophiles that allegedly read the damn thing had to work pretty hard to get their mitts on it in some parts of the country.

No, "Lolita" no more caused a spike in pedophilia than did Thomas Mann's "Death in Venice" which was published before it. That's just stupid.

And Pinkerton gets paid to write this junk. Amazing.

Oh, and by the way, I confess to reading both of them pedophilastical books mentioned herein. "Death in Venice" was way depressing. "Lolita" gave me a headache. I can still pass a background check.

And Speaking Of Whack Jobs- Want another reason to believe that John Mark Karr didn't kill JonBenet? Ok, here's another one: He's too big of a fuck up. Look, in order to believe that he did it, you would have to believe that Karr could keep his head together well enough to not spill the beans about it before now. An examination of his life would not lead you easily to this conclusion. His two marriages were failures. Of course, marriage is tough enough when you marry adults. So he had that going against him.

He has never held a steady job. He didn't finish college where I bet he didn't read "Lolita" either. His life is mostly remarkable for its utter lack of accomplishment punctuated by recurrent forays into serial creepiness.

This is the kind of guy that can keep that kind of unspeakable guilty knowledge to himself without blowing up? I don't think so. He couldn't handle real life. I don't think he could handle the major sex crime of the last decade.

Plugola- As was reported on sister site "strangepup", which may be found at, my brother David is the executive producer of a short film entitled "Billy." You might remember Dave. He was last mentioned in this space after he pretty much threatened to kill me for certain lighthearted remarks I made about him and my other brothers on this Internet canopy we prisoners call a blog. (Can I turn a phrase or what?)

Anyway, "Billy" has done well in various film festivals and my friend and colleague PM is pimping it pretty hard to the Ozark Foothills Film Fest. Of course, I have not seen the goddamn thing myself. Noooooooooooo. Evidently, I'm not IMPORTANT enough to get a copy for myself to see.

But that's neither here nor there. I am proud of ol' Dave and I wish him well in his latest endeavor. If this takes off maybe he can quit making porn flicks. Maybe he won't have to sell blood at the plasma center so he can pay for his vodka. Maybe Mother will return his calls. God, how we need this to work for him.

Check out the website. It's pretty cool.

Well, we need this to work for him so long as the welfare people don't find out about it.

That's it for today. Just remember: "Literature causes crime."

Thus endeth the lesson.

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Anonymous said...

OK... I don't remember actually threatening to kill you - we all suppose that you will figure out a silly way for that to happen in the course of your new bikeriding endeavor.
I don't drink Vodka!!
"Billy" was a lot of fun to make and it all came together like a Oliver Hardy movie. I mean, we had good cameras and lights and microphones and about a bazillion dollars worth of digital editing equipment hanging around that we use to make commercials (I work at a CBS and Fox TV station outfit)and I was approached by an old friend that had a script that she wanted to knock-out. We looked at each other and said, "What the hell? Why Not?" and made a movie in a coupla days. No one is more stunned than I that it has had the success on the festival circuit that it seems to be enjoying.
Maybe we'll make another one sometime. Or not.
It was, and is, just for fun!
Look for it in your local, arty, latenight downtown theatre artspace, or even on a satellite channel in your home.
More on this later, maybe...