Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Sunday Feeling

One of the local meteorologists calls it a "false Spring." As I type this, I am sitting in the swing on my porch. Which is pretty much my favorite spot on this planet. I am wearing shorts and a golf shirt. Speaking of which, the first tee time of the new year is a couple of hours away. It will be interesting to see how my newly diagnosed creaky back holds up.

The high today is supposed to be around 70. It is hard to believe that a couple of weeks ago the highs were in the twenties. The streets here in the People's Republic of Hillcrest are full of activity. Folks are running and walking with their dogs. Young people are pushing carriages. I think I hear more birds than usual although for all I know there are just as many out singing today as there were when there was snow on the ground. Even better, Girls are Riding Bikes in Shorts.

Things are looking up.

I always look forward to the Spring. I find that the older I get, the less I tolerate the cold. I find the shorter days and Central Standard Time to be unbearable at first. I get over it pretty quickly but I can understand why some folks don't. I felt that winter induced depression come creeping back in a week or so ago when I stood on the first green at War Memorial taking pictures of the winter scene to the North of me. It seemed to me that I had never seen a sky so gray or felt a wind so cold.

Which, of course, is silly. But Winter can make a person think like that.

It's not as if this Winter has been any harder than the ones in the past. Sure, it's either been too cold or too wet to play golf for well over a month. At least too cold for me. But you will some hardy fools out there in frigid conditions, their round undoubtedly warmed by ingesting much Tennessee manufactured anti-freeze.

I just don't think that I cope as well as I once did. Perhaps that is a sign of my advancing age. Goethe supposedly uttered "More light. More light" as his last words. I'm with Goethe. The longer I live the more I am appreciative of the light. Which is why I love the Spring. The light returns every Spring.

I know that Winter is going to slap us upside the head at least a couple more times before returning North where it fricking belongs. I've seen snow in April. I know we are experiencing a false Spring.

But a day such as today gives me hope that the flowers and the birds will return. That the golf course will be full of drunks yet again and not just with the ones trying to keep warm.

And, best of all, Girls will be riding Bikes in Shorts again on a regular basis.

More Light. More Light.

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