Thursday, December 16, 2010

Yesterday's Wally: A Walk Down Memory Lane With The SMU Mustangs!

The Democrat-Gazette's Wally Hall upon ESPN's excellent documentary Pony Expre$$ which is about SMU and the cheatingest football program pretty much in history.

I'm not hating on SMU: "Southern Methodist University has always been, and most likely will continue to be, a beautiful campus with strong academics."

I don't remember exactly where exactly in Dallas SMU's located: "Nestled into a section of bustling Dallas..."

But it really is pretty: " [t]he private school sits safely like an oasis in a private park."

But boy, did those guys cheat in football in the early Eighties: " There is absolutely no semblance that it was once the dirtiest football program in America.."

That we know of: "[o]r at least the dirtiest program that got caught."

The documentary was thorough: "[i]t pretty much lays it out there."

SMU had a pretty good run for 4 years until they played Guess Who?: " In 1982, they were sailing along undefeated when the Arkansas Razorbacks came to town."

This much is true: "After a totally bogus pass interference call...SMU was able to tie the game at 17-17."

There is absolutely no semblance that SMU's coach was a chickenshit sumbitch:" The Mustangs wanted to go for two, but Coach Bobby Collins wanted the Cotton Bowl, which a tie assured them of earning."

There is absolutely no semblance about this shit
either: "When they resumed playing (after receiving the Death Penalty from the NCAA) it was ugly. They went 9-35 overall in the first four years, 2-29 in SWC play."

What yesterday's column had very little semblance to was English.

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