Sunday, November 21, 2010

Today's Wally: The Mississippi State Edition

It was an exciting contest: "Momentum swung back and forth openly and often."

Making stuff up: " With 0:01 showing on the clock (MSU's) Derek DePasquale 22-yard field goal field goal tied it at 31-31 and sent it to overtime, which rarely favors the visitors."

Naturally: "Unless they are Razorbacks..."

The Bulldogs weren't just trying to win they were trying: " To jerk the Sugar or Cotton Bowl welcome mat from under the feet of their visitors."

The Bulldogs favored a physical style of play: " They did it the old-fashioned way; they lined up and ran it up the gut, slamming and whamming into grass-stained uniforms of the Hogs."

The Hogs' early excellence in the game seemed prophetic indeed: "Earlier the Hogs appeared ready to make a huge statement. One that would quiet the cowbells, the crowd and maybe send the BCS computers spinning into overdrive."

Stealing from Clement Clarke Moore while making more stuff up: " Visions of big bowls were dancing in the heads of the Razorbacks."

The ensuing fumble by Knile Davis while the Hogs were thus distracted by visions gladdened the hick home crowd immensely : " [T]he bells echoed across the darkness and into the deer woods 50 miles away."

The Bulldogs' next drive was fearsome to behold: The Bulldogs began a time consuming, almost mind-numbing 70 yard drive..."

And now to end with the following almost mind-numbingly self evident sentence: "It was not just a great game, it was a classic match-up of coaches trying to maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses."

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