Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Sunday Feeling

Every two years we have an election of some sort. And every two years I write about how much I hate politics and how disgusted I am with the TV commercials. Indeed, I have beating the hell out of the mute button on my remote for the past 6 months. Even ESPN provides no refuge from the relentless stupidity coming from both parties.

And I say this every two years. Just when I think that it couldn't get any worse, it does. I refer to it as the Palinization of politics, of dumbing things down to the lowest common denominator and then repeating palpably untrue things relentlessly until they acquire some patina of truth in the public mind. At least the segment of the public that doesn't check facts.

Let's turn to the race for the relatively benign offices of Lt. Governor and Secretary of State in our fair state for an example. The candidates promise to balance the budget, cut taxes and create jobs. No they won't. The jobs are largely ceremonial although the current Lieutenant managed to get the state lottery passed which gave him a reason to run for the United States Senate. The state's budget will be balanced but that is only because the State Constitution requires it. Otherwise, these guys really don't have much to do.

Oh. Mark Darr, the Republican candidate for Lt. Governor, says he will stop Obamacare. No he won't. The Attorney General is the only Constitutional officer authorized to sue on behalf of the State. And he has declined to join the other AGs in seeking to get the new health care reforms overturned by the courts. Mr. Darr is certainly free to bring a taxpayer's suit on his own behalf. But those are routinely unsuccessful. Knock yourself out. Let me know how it works for ya.

And the money! A buddy of mine went to a fundraiser the other night for a candidate for Justice of the Peace. This caused him to recollect that there was a time when they didn't have fundraisers for such inconsequential positions. Why on Earth would somebody spend tens of thousands of dollars to hold an office where about all you can do is marry people? If you want to marry people without benefit of seminary training become a minister in the Universal Life Church and get your credentials online for a nominal fee.

But back to the mental ward that is politics in this country. While the Tea Party has produced its moments of amusement-I give you lying deadbeat loon Christine O'Donnell-they have also managed to co-opt the discourse in this country largely because neither the Democrats or what passes for sensible Republicans will take them on.

Here's just one example.

Corporate Bailouts Are Bad! Yeah well so are Depressions. This implies that the government not allowing those banks or the automakers to fail was a bad thing. So, an additional 3 million unemployed people is a good thing? They paid most of the taxpayer's money back at murderous interest rates. Tell me how this didn't work.

Common Sense Arkansas Values. Standing up to Obama and Pelosi. Cutting waste and fraud. Creating jobs. Upholding traditional family values.

Nonsense. Complete Nonsense.

What the hell. Watching the Saints tonight with the sound off won't be the worst thing in the world.

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