Wednesday, July 21, 2010

An Extreme Example Of Why Some People Should Really Do A Better Job Of Risk Calculation

This modest and seemly gentleman is former Little Rock area resident Dale Miller, known around these parts as "Skirtman" due to his penchant for cross-dressing. Which ain't exactly the sort of thing exactly sees a lot of around here.

I once saw Dale in all his glory at a restaurant a couple of years ago. About all that I remember was that he was in a skirt and had "deely boppers" on top of his head. Any self respecting drag queen would have fainted in his presence. Wait. I also remember that my excellent and feisty friend Lynne was with me that night. She was aghast at the fact that Dale's shoes didn't match his handbag. Or so she said. Anyway, she was going to confront him but relented when I offered to buy her another glass of wine if she would just shut up.

Anyway, you might have noticed that I referred to Dale as a former resident. That's because yesterday he caught 2 consecutive 10 year terms in the state pen for having child porno on his computer. This was discovered pursuant to a search warrant issued in connection with an investigation of his communications over the Internet with a 16 year old girl that was found by law enforcement over at his house out in Roland. The fact that he answered the door in a bathrobe when the cops knocked on the door didn't put him in the best light in the eyes of the law.

And so we bid farewell to Skirtman. At least until he makes parole. It is my understanding that sex offenders don't fare so well in a prison environment. I think this would go double for a sex offender who liked to wear pumps.

Good luck Dale. You will need it.


Anonymous said...

Have you been in prison too?

Darlingest said...

To the author of this blog entry. For hating a man so much because of some clothes he wears, you are a complete and total asshole.

tmfw said...

First of all, thank you for writing. If you would examine "the body of my work" as they say you will not find one ounce of hatred toward gay people, cross-dressers or transgendered people. Not that they are identical but I hope you get my drift. Bottom line: Skirtman is a a confessed sex offender who is doing time without regard to his previous choice of attire. That was my point.