Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Vox Populi: The Salesmen

I had no sooner taken off my coat than I heard a knock on my door. 2 guys in blue parkas with AT&T emblazoned thereon.

Guy 1: How are you today? We're from AT&T.

Me: So I gathered.

Guy 2: And we are going door to door to make sure that folks in the neighborhood are aware of the opportunity to get in on a new product. Have you heard about all of the cable we've been running around here?

Me: Yeah. U-Verse.

Guy 1: That's right Sir! Could I ask you who your current cable and Internet provider or providers are?

Guy 2 is starting to write on a yellow legal pad.

Me: Look fellas, I'm happy with my service.

Guy 1: We understand your reluctance. But most people are really pleased with all of the content we can provide. It's pretty much constantly expanding. If you let us know you're currently with we can show you how much you can save.

Me: Really I'm good.

Guy 2: I bet if you give it a try you'll be amazed. 30 day free trial. You don't like it. Fine. We can't save everyone. Money back guarantee.

Me: Can't save....

Guy 1: What you got to lose?

Guy 2: Know anybody that's got it?

Me: Matter of fact I do. She hates it.

Guy 1 : Well, unfortunately there are some people whose service issues we can't resolve or they won't let us resolve. But we do have a 97% retention rate.

Me: Gentlemen. I'm good. Really.

Guy 1: Well, thank you for your time.

Guy 2: Sorry we couldn't interest you.

Me: Well, you can't save everybody.

Guy 1: Pardon?

Me: Nothing.

I need to remember to get that "No Solicitation" sign.

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