Friday, July 03, 2009

The More You Hear, The Weirder It Gets

If there was any tiny portion of my brain that didn't not think that Michael Jackson was a whack job, that portion blew up when the news came out that psychic Uri Geller was once one of MJ's confidantes.

Geller, who according to the James Randi Educational Foundation, claims he acquired his psychic powers from a UFO from the Planet Hoova, is famous for allegedly bending spoons with his psychic powers. Randi, who refers to himself as The Amazing Randi, is a professional magician and escape artist. He is also a recipient of the McArthur Foundation prize and has devoted his life to debunking psychics and faith healers. In fact, the JREF has offered $1,000,000 to anyone who can prove that supernatural phenomena are "real." So far, they haven't paid any money to anybody.

When Randi turned his gaze to Geller, Geller didn't like it. Rather than bend Randi in half with his psychic powers, Geller sued for libel. He eventually withdrew his suit. Having to stand up to discovery will cause that result from time to time. To read more about MJ's confidante click here. It will take you to an encyclopedia on the JREF website. Click on G to get to the piece on Geller.

It is one thing to enjoy a magic act like Penn and Teller. Like everyone else, I sit in amazement and wonder "how the hell did they do that?" Only the childlike and week-minded actually believe that magic is real.

Which, unfortunately, describes MJ to a "T." Besides, everybody knows Hoova is not a planet. It's a town outside of Birmingham.

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Polycarp said...

You COULD make it up, but no one would believe you. I could tell you that Sara Palin was going to resign as Governor of Alaska, for example, but no one would believe me.