Friday, June 19, 2009

You Know You Have Done Screwed Up When....

The Securities and Exchange Commission thinks they can prove that you stole 8 billion dollars by a preponderance of the evidence. The prosecutors, have a tougher standard. They have to to prove your guilt beyond the shadow of a reasonable doubt. Faced with the more stringent proof requirements the prosecutors were forced to indict you for stealing an amount less than the 8 billion the SEC is suing you over.

They indicted you for stealing 7. That's when you know you have done screwed up.

Oh. Those depositions they are going to Notice you up for in the civil case? They are taken under oath. Which gives you the opportunity to do two things: You can tell them your side of the story and expose yourself to additional charges of perjury or at the very least provide really juicy fodder for cross examination. Or you can take the 5th which, while it can't be used against you in the criminal case, creates an adverse implication that answering the question would be against your best interests in the civil case.

Hell, the money's probably been all pissed away by now. Accordingly, the prosecutors will be lookin' to get it out of your ass, as they say.

I bet you take the 5th in the civil case.

Boy. You have done screwed up.

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