Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Sunday Feeling

I tend to forget Father's Day. I was 21 when my own father died. That was a long time ago. I don't tend to remember it until I walk into a clothing or sporting goods store this time of year. Then I kind of go "ohhhhh yeah." Then I go see what's on sale.

As I have said before, most Dads I know could pretty much take Father's Day or leave it. I mean, they appreciate being with the family and all, but most guys I know are not terribly comfortable being fussed over.

But that's the way Dads are for the most part. God knows, men and women think differently. And when it comes to family life, it has been my impression that Moms are like drill instructors whereas if Dads show up on time, pay the bills, do the yard and reach the stuff on the top shelf they have got it about halfway licked. Of course, I simplify. But it is a low bar from what I hear.

And I have heard a lot in my day. I have heard a lot fairly recently.

Two of my brothers are Dads. And from what I can see, they are both alike in that they take a pretty laid back approach to their respective jobs. One has an Aspergers kid that requires a little more "hands on" work than the other two nephews still in the house with my brother in Conway. But they are both pretty patient and calm. The one in Conway takes after mother in that he is something of a worrier. But that's OK. The one here in Little Rock is like me in that we tend cause a lot more anxiety than we experience personally. That's OK too.

I don't much think about how I might have turned out as a parent. Mainly, there's no point to such idle ruminations. And furthermore, I am more interested in concentrating on the second part of my life rather than thinking of what might have been.

But as I have said before, I think I would have been OK.

I got a Facebook "friend request" the other day from a kid who used to hang around over here. R was all of 5 when I first met him. Now he's 10. And he has a Facebook page. Oh brave new world that has such people in it.

It was a pleasant surprise to hear from him. It's a small gesture, but it's nice to know the kid still likes me.

I must have done something right. I got that going for me. It's a small gesture but life is made up of small gestures. I will take it.

Good to hear from you son.

Shameless Plug Department: "Tales From The South" airs next Thursday night on local educational station KUAR FM 89.1. The show starts at 7pm CDT and is simulcast on the Internet at . This will be the "Father's Day Show" and I will be one of the authors reading a story. Hope you enjoy it.

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