Saturday, May 23, 2009

Vox Populi: The Man At The Music Store

MR: You know, if you had told me this morning that a man would come in off the street on Memorial Day weekend and buy a capo, a pitch pipe and a Korg tuner I would not have believed you.

tmfw: You might as well go home.

MR: I'm marking this day down, that's for sure. Now, the odds are that just as soon as you get home you will find your old capo and pitch pipe. You can just bring them back.

tmfw: I think my brother Bob stole my capo and the former choirmaster at St. Andrew's stole my pitch pipe. You know how musicians are.

MR: I do indeed. How about a guitar to go with that capo?

tmfw: Don't push your luck Marty.

MR: Good point. It's already a red letter day. Come on back if you need me to walk you through the Korg.

tmfw: I will. See ya.

MR: See ya.


Hugh W. Tedder, Jr. said...

What's a capo? I thought it was a position like a lt. in the Mafia.

tmfw said...

It's a device you put on the strings to change keys. All us bad guitar players use them.