Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Second Rate Shake Down Artists

The combative Christopher Hitchens on the decline of the Civil Rights pulpit. Boy has he got this nailed.

It occurs to me, now that I think of it while I pontificate from my porch swing, that as far as I can tell Obama has tried to walk a tightrope between the traditional charlatans who presume to speak for the black community and the airhead types that are into Oprah's book selections and touchy feely..ummmm...the word will come to me....philosophical views that one can actually take classes in on the Internet.

Oprah is the sepia toned version of that other well-renowned charlatan Jane Fonda. They are experts just because they are on TV.

I turned on my TV Sunday morning. It had been tuned to a ballgame somewhere the night before. Sunday's offering on that station was Jimmy Swaggart selling Bibles.

And back in Pennsylvania, Hillary is doing boilermakers.

This is one hell of a way to elect a President.

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