Wednesday, March 19, 2008

No, This Time The Real Reason Is The Real Reason

The Associated Press reported yesterday that the Major League Baseball Player's Union will investigate why none of the teams have made Barry Bonds an offer with only two weeks to go until the season starts. Donald Fehr, the head of the union, said it will examine whether the lack of offers is the result of collusion among the owners.

Hey, Donald. I can make this easy on you. There is a difference between unanimity of opinion and collusion.

Bonds is aging, has a bum knee and is about as mobile as a lamp post. He has the personality of a pit bull.

And there is also the small matter of his indictment for perjury in the BALCO steroids mess. Having Barry around under laboratory conditions is circus enough. Having him try to concentrate on both defending himself and clearing his name while expecting him to put up numbers without access to performance enhancing drugs is just too much or a gamble.

It's pretty simple to me. But then again I know there's a difference between unanimity of opinion and collusion.

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