Saturday, March 01, 2008


No blogging this weekend. Had Governor's School auditions today where I was shocked to hear the 17 year old version of Samuel Ramey. Kid from Bentonville. Totally blew us away. There is a reason I keep doing this. And hearing that kid today reminded me of that reason.

I'm helping the photographers with the LR Marathon tomorrow. So I am booked solid.

Many of you have asked about "Missus P" about whom I wrote last week. I am ecstatic to report that she woke up last night Richard says her mental status seems good. She recognized everybody and was able to communicate. Now the docs will back the sedation down in order to get her off the ventilator.

The poor baby was asleep for 10 days by my count. She is still gravely ill. But she is back on this side of the shore. That's good enough for now.

Have a good weekend.

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