Saturday, January 05, 2008

Sick Leave

No blogging this weekend. I have been struck down with the flu bug that is making the rounds here in town. It is as bad as advertised with fever, chills, muscle aches and the gift of the Stigmata on both palms.

OK. I made that last part up. But everything else is true.

I also may experiencing fever induced auditory hallucinations because I swear I hear chickens outside my window. But with my neighbors you never know.

Will return to this ministry as soon as the Tamiflu kicks in and I am restored to my usual state of vigorous good health.

But, as bad as I may feel right now, I'm doing better than Brittany Spears and her equally trashy little sister. As I asked a friend of mine earlier this morning, didn't those two receive any "instruction in the home" as they used to say? Then again, it would be hard to take away the keys to the BMW for doing coke and Stoli when your daughter is supporting the family.

Enough. I'm off to buy a small handgun.


Anonymous said...

Poor baby... I hope you're all better soon.

What kind of neighbors do you have in Hillcrest who would bother you with chickens? And, are they Tyson chickens?

Maybe you'll get some good chicken soup with your hallucinations.

Take care-

Sophmom said...

I'm sorry you're sick and hope you're feeling better soon. I "tried" to come down with something this week but never crossed over into feeling terrible. I just sneezed and coughed and sniffled but (with Zicam and treating symptoms) it never got bad (no aches, fever, hallucinations, etc.). I'm with Lucy, wishing chicken soup for you.

Great point about the Spears clan. You nailed it. Money is always power. Somebody needs to ignore it and knock her upside the head, kicking her narcissistic ass into adulthood.

tmfw said...

Thanks ladies. Funny. About the only time I think about the previous administration is when I am sick. She ran a restaurant/catering business and would bring me chicken noodle soup or chili whenever I was sick.

And I don't think the Spears girls are as much narcissistic as they are just dumber than a box of hammers. Certainly there is that aspect to it but I think they are mainly low stupid.

Did you see what Daddy was wearing when he arrived at the standoff at Brittany's? An LSU baseball cap. I loved it.

Thanks for looking in on the sick. You are both good Christian women.

Anonymous said...

Hope you get better soon. Wishing you Egg drop soup ,also great for the flu. Have you tried Airbornne, the fizzy type vitamin invented by a school teacher ? I get exposed to alot of stuff at the hospital and I take this and it helps. You have to take it as soon as possible after you are exposed.
Get rest!