Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Big Question

OK....Obama clocked the Evil Empire in South Carolina. From what I hear from my buddies over on the Dem side of the equation, they like Obama but they don't think he can win the general election against whoever the Repubs stagger out there.
The prevailing wisdom I hear from sane people in this bidnesss is that they repose no trust in folks to ignore their collective inner redneck once they get inside the booth and have to vote for a black guy with a Muslim name.
So.....What do you think?


kilroy said...

I think the people in da bidness make a very valid point. I think we will find that there are many constituents here on the buckle of bible belt who are:
A) Not willing to vote for an African American
B) Not willing to vote for a woman (by the way, I am including the female population in this line of thinking. I've had more than a handful of women tell me they don't think Hillary has a shot and therefore don't plan on voting for her.)

Anonymous said...

Sad to say, I agree with kilroy.

This is a matter of whom the Repubs can swiftboat more...

They could strike at Obama for lack of experience, but the name and the color are so much easier, no?


Anonymous said...

My Dem women friends also have the general consensus that Hillary can't win. I think that the same rednecks that won't vote for Obama because of color won't vote for her because she is a woman.
If Obama can turn out the black vote and the young vote I think he has a chance.
If McCain comes out on top I think he has a real shot at holding onto some of the defecting Reps. He will give either a run for their money.