Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Sports Page

Not that anyone much cares, but Tulane hired a new occupant for the Endowed Chair of Football. Bob Toledo was tapped to replace Chris Scelfo who somehow beat out Rich Rodriguez for the job 8 years ago or so. Toledo is the offensive coordinator at New Mexico but prior to that he was the head coach at UCLA.

If Toledo's Greenies are anything like the Bruins under his tenure, their games will pretty much resemble track meets. UCLA scored points practically at will but they didn't stop anybody either. To be fair, blowing leads is a fine old tradition in PAC-10 football and may not reflect a lack of concern for defense on his part. But offense has never been a problem with Tulane's recent gridiron offerings. Their defense has been simply awful. We shall see how they shore up that side of the ball.

Tulane football is the proverbial "sick man" of the athletic department. After Katrina, they were forced to cut 6 sports or so mainly so they could field a football team. Prior to that, the football program beat back calls for it's elimination or "demotion" Division I AA. Bob Toledo is a proven winner at a school with a fine academic reputation. If they can't get it done with him at the helm, it might well be time to consider whether to pull the plug on football at Tulane.

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