Sunday, December 17, 2006

My Sunday Wally

I will do my best to translate Wally Hall's post-mortem in today's Arkansas Democrat-Gazette of the basketball Razorbacks getting blown out by Bob Knight's Texas Tech Red Raiders yesterday at Alltel Arena.

It will not be easy.

The fans were hopeful: " It had all the ear markings of a great, if unseasonably warm, day."

However, the Hogs play in the first half did not meet the expectations of the fans: " Just good old Hawg ball, which for most of the first half was more like fog ball."

The Razorbacks did not exert themselves on offense: " The Hogs did more standing around than a Poughkeepsie pedestrian at the Macy's parade."

Boy, do these guards suck or what?: " Ball movement was a turnover waiting to happen, and this is not the way that the Razorbacks practice."

The defense was nothing to write home about either: " Defensively, the Razorbacks forced Tech to shoot layups early..."

Nothing Coach Heath suggested to the players seemed to help matters: "Heath tried what seemed like hundreds of combinations...but they were playing like someone had said the next person who moves has to go Christmas shopping at the mall."

The Razorbacks played with renewed vigor in the second half: " The Razorbacks came out attacking the basket instead of their coach's patience."

The Tech players withstood the pressure as they do not wish to displease their coach who has a not inconsiderable reputation for being stern and dealing harshly with mistakes: " [M]aybe what you saw was fear of making too big a mistake and having Lubbock in their rear view mirror this morning."

Like me: "Sure, some will point a finger at Heath today."

It would seem that they need to pay more attention to detail between now and next Wednesday or they stand a good chance of really getting their asses kicked by an exceptional Texas team playing at home in Austin: " [T]he team was lackadaisical and now has two losses and travels to Texas on Wednesday."

OK. I tried.

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