Friday, September 15, 2006

The Sports Page-Prelude to Disaster Edition

" Everything Nutt said was behind closed doors."
Wally Hall- Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

According to Wally the phrase, " United We Stand, Divided We Fall" has "been around since about the time Thomas Jefferson started work on the Declaration of Independence." This was the alleged leitmotif of certain animated discussions Houston Nutt-the maybe soon to be dismissed occupant of the Chair of Football at Arkansas-allegedly had with the coaching staff first and with the team after that.

That the pucker factor is off the scale up there cannot be denied. A loss to Vanderbilt tomorrow for the second year in a row, hitherto unthinkable, will likely seal Nutt's fate.

But let's turn back to Wally. If everything Nutt said was "behind closed doors" how does Wally know? Either somebody is leaking to him or he is just making stuff up. You will note that he certainly doesn't attribute these quotes to a "source that requested anonymity" which is the way most real journalists handle this kind of thing.

Who knows what is going on up there except that they have major problems that even the average fan can see. Might as well rely on the Internet boards for your inside dope. They make stuff up too. They just don't get paid for it.

BTW....the phrase "United We Stand" etc?

Aesop. Way before Jefferson. Wally can't be trusted to take the time to even get that right.

It's gonna be a long season if the Razorbacks take gas tomorrow.

Hell, it's been a long season already.

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