Sunday, January 17, 2016

My Sunday, Let Me Get Back To You, Feeling

The literary world will hardly take notice but I am going away for awhile.  Everything is fine.  But I have taken on new, and wonderful, responsibilities for the time being.  However, they come with a high learning curve, or at least I am proceeding as if they do.  And until they don't, or until I semi-figure it out, as I know I will, they will be pretty much my focus for the immediate future.  

I am not at liberty to discuss what's going on right now.  I'm sure that will be my next entry in these pages.  

I am great.  I am excited.  If I had any sense I would be a lot more scared than I am.  But I am going to be a busy, busy man for the foreseeable future.  Which will be good for me.  I think.  

One of my favorite clients was, and presumably still is, an African-American gentleman.  He used to always tell me that everything would be revealed "in the fullness of time."

I will get back to you in the fullness of time.  And I will, most likely, have some great stories when I do. 

Until then, talk amongst yourselves.  

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