Monday, May 27, 2013

Nephew Henry Will Hate This

" Is this where Arthur lives?"

Thus asked the kid that was canvassing the block.  I was on the porch swing after hitting balls on the range.

"Yes," I said. ". I would be Arthur. What are you trying to sell me?"


" Well, you might have noticed that AT&T has been doing a lot of fiber optic work around here."

"Actually I haven't.  But if you are trying to sell me U-Verse I'm not interested."



" Well, what are you paying for bundled services?"

" None of your business."

" I bet I can guess what you are paying."

"And I bet I can guess that my answer to you that it is none of your business won't change."

He writes in his book.

"Good night Sir."

"Good night Son.  Don't come back."

He blew out of here in an oil burning heap with Texas tags.