Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Vox Populi: Standing In Line At The DMV With The Newspaper Columnist

NC: " So, have you found work?"

Me: "Huh?"

NC: " Are you working?"

Me: " Yeah.  A little bit."

NC: " Like going to an office somewhere and doing stuff?"

Me: "Yes, actually I am."

NC: "Well. just wondered. It would seem weird for you not to be doing anything."

Me:  " No really.  I'm doing stuff." 

I like NC.  We're both from Mabelvale.  We have a common bond.

He gets his tags.  I get called over to get my pic made for my Driver's License.

NC: " You always got that IPad with you?"

Me: " Nope.  For example, I don't take it to church.  But I don't go to church much amymore."

NC: " So this is working out for you."

Me: " Absolutely."

He turned and walked away.

NC: " Later, brother..."

Yes I have "found work." But I don't need work.

And as I told one of my little lawyer friends who pulled me over yesterday at CLE to express his amazement that I am no longer doing what I used to do:

" I am lucky beyond measure," I said. " And I do not take my good fortune for granted." 

I am the luckiest man on this planet.  I do not take it for granted or as my due. 

But me and NC?  We did pretty good for a couple of boys from Mabelvale. 

I will brag about that.