Thursday, June 28, 2012

Why Would I Lie About That?

I ordered something to eat at the rolling Mexican food place-a taqueria?-outside the wine place I like out in West Little Rock. 

As the kid-maybe 10-was writing down my order he asked me a question.

"Senor, have you ever seen an Anaconda?"

"In person? No."

"They can eat big rats and small dogs even."

" Do I remind you of an Anaconda?"  Could be.  I still hold a license to practice law. 

"No Senor," the kid said.  "I'm just studying them and I think it's interesting. I get bored taking down orders for Mama and I like to talk to customers." 

I told him that was OK and that I would see him in a minute after I had bought my groceries at the liquor store.

When I returned to the rolling restaurant there was a lady standing there looking at the menu on the side of the van.  She is wearing a smock as would a worker in a nursing home or some other useful profession. 

"Excuse me, " she said. " Have you eaten here before?"

"Yeah," I said.  "It's great."

"Well, I live in Southwest Little Rock.  These kind of places are all over there.  They are all good.  "


"Mabelvale.  Over by the ball park."

" Little Oaks?  Played Little League and Babe Ruth there. Was baptized at Mabelvale United Methodist."

" You're kidding! "

I extend my hand. 

"My name is Paul, ma'am"

"My name is Carla," she says." Your shirt says Hendrix.  You went to Hendrix? And you're from Mabelvale?"

"Yes ma'am," I said. " And my law degree also says I'm from Mablevale, Arkansas."


"Why would I lie about that?"

"Well I guess you wouldn't," she said turning back to the menu. " How are the burritos?"

"Don't know.  Good luck. I bet they're good. I have to go now."

"Nobody's from Mabelvale," she said.  

"Nobody but you and me," was my reply. And I walked away. 

I swear to God this happened tonight. 

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