Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Sunday Feeling

To my buddy over at the newspaper Tim Tebow and Bruce Springsteen are similar in that he doesn't so much have a problem with either gentleman.  He has a problem with their fans.

I get that. 

As you may have heard by now,  the Denver Broncos wasted very little time in getting rid of Tebow once they signed future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning after he was released by the Colts.  Tebow is now the ostensible backup quarterback of the New York Jets, who gave up all of a 4th round pick for him.

Addled blowhard Pat Robertson said that Tebow was "treated shabbily" by the Broncos in showing the door to the greatest evangelical left-handed quarterback in NFL history.  In all fairness, and contrary to numerous headlines, Robertson did not state that Manning deserved to be injured.  He just stated the obvious.  The Broncos will be in one hell of a fix if Manning-with his 4 neck surgeries-goes down. 

Don't get me wrong.  Tim Tebow seems to be a very nice young man.  I do not detect any greater whiff of hypocrisy about him than I do any other person who is semi-pharisaic.  And he is not responsible-or completely responsible-for his avid following in the evangelical community, some of whom do not know football from Easter Sunday. 

But here's the deal.  As he is presently configured, Tim Tebow is a lousy quarterback.  This is how bad Tebow is.

The Broncos are betting the farm on a guy with four neck surgeries.  However, even the most brain-dead Tebow fan can't really blame the Denver brass for casting their lot with a legend like Manning.  Which provided the cover to get rid of Tebow who had become General Manager John Elway's football version of "an inconvenient woman." In exchange for nothing. 

What is less clear is what on Earth the Jets were thinking.  This deal has "disaster" written all over it.  Granted, Mark Sanchez isn't very good.  But at least he can throw a forward pass without skipping it on the turf.  On the other hand, one doesn't typically call a news conference to announce the signing of some guy they think is going to hold a clipboard on the sidelines.  That's how much faith the Jets have in Sanchez. 

This ought to be interesting.  And maybe the Jets have gained a new fan in Pat Robertson.

Lucky them.

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