Friday, May 13, 2011

Vox Populi-Outside The Courtroom

I was standing outside the Courtroom talking to my friend who is a Big Shot Court Official while waiting for the Naturalization Ceremony.  We were talking about tennis and golf as most sensible people would under the circumstances.  All of a sudden a little guy wearing some government badge I couldn't make out steps in and interrupts the conversation. 

LG- "Did you get my e-mail?"

BSCO- "What e-mail?

LG- "I am a Civil War reinactor. Remember?  I offered to wear my uniform."

The woman LG is with mouthed the words "I'm so sorry."

BSCO-"Ohhhhh yeah.  Look, technically speaking, this is an official session of Court.  We can't have folks showing up in costume."

LG-"But the D.A.R. is here.  So I thought it would be OK. But you never got back to me."

BSCO-"Yeah.  The D.A.R. is here.  But it's not like they're in period dress or anything.  They're in normal clothes like everybody else."

LG-"Well, I have a Union Army uniform if that would be more appropriate."

He actually said that.

LG pulls out a smartphone and pulls up a picture of him in his Civil War drag.

LG- "See I  could show up in this next time."

BSCO grabs my elbow and starts pulling me to him as he pretends to look at LG's phone.

BSCO-" You've never met Judge Marshall have you?"

Me: "No I haven't."

BSCO-"Well, let's go do that before we get started."

Me: "OK."

LG: "Get back to me on the uniform."

BSCO: "Sure thing.  Gotta go."

I look back at the lady with LG as I'm being dragged into the Courtroom.

She mouthed the words "I'm so sorry."

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Polycarp said...

How did they react to your Star Trek suit?