Friday, February 18, 2011


Many folks have wondered what I am doing in the Magnolia State. Here's the deal. My law school buddy Hugh Tedder is in the Critical Care Unit at St. Dominic Hospital in Jackson. About 2 weeks ago he came down with the flu. This turned into pneumonia which disinigrated into Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome(ARDS). He has been on a ventilator for over 10 days.

Hugh is slowly getting better. They removed the tube from his throat and inserted a trache into his throat. This will make him more comfortable. He is still sedated and sleeping as I type this. They will move him to a long term Critical Care facility next week and will attempt to begin to wean him off the vent sometime then.

While Hugh is improving he remains acutely ill. He will require much in the way of rehabilitation services and it may take him up to a year to fully recover. Still, he is stable and in the safest place in the universe he can possibly be.

Laura and the girls are doing as well as can be expected. Laura will return to work next week as Hugh will be here for a very long time and in the immortal words of St. Vincent Millay "Life must go on. I forget just why."

Thank you for all of the kind messages. I will come home sometime Sunday. See you then.

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