Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Sunday Feeling

I got up way too early yesterday morning. So I decided after awhile that I would go eat breakfast at a restaurant down the road from me a ways. As I was finishing up I notice a young couple come in. Both couldn't have been a day over 25. After a few minutes I heard rapid clicking behind me. Another young woman came blowing over to their table and pulled up a chair across from the young woman who got there first.

She was wearing a sleeveless top, a miniskirt and heels. Her hair was still wet from the shower. Now understand that yesterday was your typical early Spring day in Little Rock: 45 degrees, overcast with the wind howling out of the North at about 10 mph. Woman # 1 was wearing a sweater, jeans and Birkenstocks with thick wool socks. She could not have had a more incredulous look on her face if her friend had not shown up in the nude. Which she practically did. look really great but aren't you freezing?

W#2-Well, I'm going to a bridal shower that starts at 11. Tomorrow's the first day of daylight savings time. To me that means it's Spring. And you wear Springy clothes in the Spring. I figure other girls will be dressed up so I went ahead and went with this.

W#1 drew her arms across her chest as if to ward off the cold.

"You're nuts," she said.

Maybe Little Miss Fashion Plate was rushing the season a bit but I for one was deeply appreciative of her appearance in scant attire seeing as how I haven't seen an attractive woman dressed thusly since about last September or so. Her sighting along with the fact that Spring Training is in session give me reason to think that the long cold winter of 2009-2010 may indeed be over.

And it was a terrible winter. If it wasn't cold it was wet. If it wasn't wet we were graced with snow and ice. We buried Mother on one of the crappiest days of an entirely crappy Advent. It rained buckets. The wind was awful. And while we were under the funeral home tent I swear I heard thunder.

Thunder in December in rural Arkansas is never good.

Spring is my favorite time of year despite the fact that I am pretty much allergic to everything that floats in the air. As Fashion Plate correctly noted, Daylight Savings Time begins today. This means that I can fool around on the driving range longer shooting the shit with whoever is out there with me. It means baseball will be starting soon. It means the NCAA basketball tournament starts this week. It means color will return to the trees and lawns and birds will be singing.

It means folks around here will be walking their dogs past my house around 8 pm even. It means Kavanaugh will be filled with runners, bikers and young folks pushing strollers. Golf tournaments to benefit charities. The restaurants with patios will be jam packed with patrons.

It means that Easter, the only serious event in the Christian calendar, is at hand.

And it means that women everywhere will be uncovering the body parts they have had under cover the last 4-5 months which of course I very much approve of.

And so I thank the attractive if slightly dingy young woman who graced us with her half dressed presence at the restaurant yesterday morning.

She is proof that Spring is at hand, if not quite as "at hand" as she made it out to be. The reemergence of her type, even though best regarded strictly from afar, gives me the strength to press on.

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That Rebel with a Blog said...

tmfw, It's a week later and spring is now official. It's been a long, hard winter in North Georgia, too, as you so eloquently expressed.

It's greening here and the early flowers are blooming. But today, it's raining again.

My condolences for the loss of your mama. It's been three-plus years, and I still miss mine terribly.

Thank you for sharing your Sunday feelings...