Friday, October 09, 2009

Say That Again? I Won WHAT?

I am as surprised as the next guy that Barack Obama one the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. After all, he is the Commander-in-Chief of a country that is prosecuting 2 wars simultaneously and our drones and missiles have occasionally whacked guys in Pakistan who is at least a nominal ally. And, as one wag suggested, we attacked the moon this morning.

After all, he hasn't even been President a year. And while I can understand that the Nobel Committee appreciates the fact that since Obama has taken office the United States has, shall we say, adopted a less bellicose approach to diplomacy. It's not like he's really gotten any results yet. I take his selection as nothing more complicated as a long distance diss to W from Oslo as much as anything.

Predictably, the wingnuts who rejoiced at Obama's failure to bring in the Olympics last week are aghast at this morning's events. I mean, it's bad enough that he got elected President without even being born in this country. Now they are hauling off and giving him a prestigious award like he's a legitimate world figure or something. Equally predictably Obama's acolytes are all gaga over this unexpected gift from the left of left field.
Let me spread the balm of perspective upon all of this. First of all, the Nobel Peace Prize, like the Olympics is over-rated. I mean, they gave one to Henry Kissinger for chrissakes. And to the loons that are apoplectic over this recent turn of events I say "Stuff it." It's their prize. They can give it to whoever they goddamn well want. Show a little class and at least congratulate the man for being-I think-the 4th sitting President ever to receive it.
It honors our country which you purport to love. Whether you like it or not.


Polycarp said...

The year after Nelson Mandela won it, noted peacemaker Yassir Arafat won it. I think the main point here, thogh, is that the Norwegians' bias towards socialism and Democrats is clear. Since the Nixon administration, participants in all of the Democratic administrations have won Nobels. Of Republicans, only Henry Kissinger won one, and he had to share it with Le Duc Tho. I think the fix is clearly in. Of course, Le Duc Tho declined it. Did Kissinger get to keep all of the prize money?

Hugh W. Tedder, Jr. said...

Fourth President, 3rd sitting. TR for brokering the Sino-Russian peace, WW for the League of Nations,and now. Jimmy Carter received his after he left office. BTW, noted pundit Mojo Nixon also felt it was a slap at someone on a ranch in Crawford Texas.

Northern Observer said...

The Prize is cheapened by this choice. This choice, like the earlier choices of Al Gore and Jimmy Carter, seems to be mainly an anti-W [and maybe a subltle anti-Bill Clinton] gesture, and even though I commend the choice of Carter, it did not need the politicization it received when it was awarded.

I am very optimistic still that President Obama will be able to legitimately win the Prize, but he won't get it because he already has it.

Northern Observer