Thursday, May 03, 2007

An Observation

I saw Houston and Diana Nutt this afternoon in the lobby of the building where I do my banking. I am assuming that they were here in Little Rock to see his lawyer seeing as how his office is there and they would have no other reason to be in the Metropolitan Bank Building.

For those of you who haven't kept up, the Chancellor and the System President of the University of Arkansas were named in a "taxpayer lawsuit" concerning the alleged failure of the UA to adequately investigate the Nutts involvement and/or knowledge concerning a certain harassing e-mail sent to former much ballyhooed freshman quarterback Mitch Mustain by an associate of the Nutt family. Mustain has since transferred to USC and Nutt has been hit with a subpoena by the Plaintiff's attorney. Nutt has also threatened to sue a man who got access to his phone and text message records which revealed numerous messages to a woman not his wife.

As readers of this space will remember, while not calling him a liar outright, I did allow as to how I thought that this looked like hell and that his explanation seemed fishy. Which it still does.

I had never seen Diana Nutt in person before today. She's gorgeous. Men do crazy things sometimes. One of the most beautiful women I know had a husband who screwed around on her from the get-go. But Houston can't do much better than he is doing now. Not many men could. He certainly doesn't have the reputation for having a roving eye and the missus has publicly stated her support for her man. And they didn't seem to be estranged. Indeed, they were holding hands as they walked through the lobby.

We tend to forget-all of us-that public figures are people too. And our own relationships are hard enough to figure out without trying to divine what is going on in someone else's.

It cannot be denied that the hundreds of text messages he sent another woman is bad for appearance's sake. But I saw he and his wife holding hands as if they were out on a date.

It didn't look to me like they were just making an appearance.

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