Friday, March 02, 2007

Meanwhile Back In Jackson

Looks like Frank Melton, the embattled whack job Mayor of Jackson, Mississippi is pulling the old Mafia trick of checking himself into the hospital to avoid compliance with an arrest warrant.
Our associate in Jackson correctly points out that judges tend to take a dim view of such tactics so it will be interesting to see if the cops actually have to execute the warrant at St. Dominic's Hospital.

I used to carry on some with a doctor who practiced over there but that's another story altogether.

Hit the link and be glad we have Mark Stodola at City Hall here in Little Rock..


Polycarp said...

My favorite line is "We don't want to arrest him and have to pay for his medical bills."

tmfw said...

The cops' concern for His Honor's well-being is indeed touching. This is the kind of shit that they would find embarrasing in Memphis even.