Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Video From Springfield

This was sent to me by my brother Dave who lives in a rural area outside Springfield, Missouri. He hasn't had power since Monday or so. The Co-op says that they won't get power restored in his area for 5 more days or so and they are calling for 5 inches of snow Sunday.

He has his wife, his disabled Mother-in-Law, his Sister-in-Law and her 2 kids under his roof. They have tenuous heat and power because he has a generator going through the box that he is using to keep the lights on and run 2 space heaters.

But, he doesn't have enough juice to run the water pumps from the well. So you 6 people in the house without running water or at least flush toilets.

I don't know what your conception of Hell is but this would be pretty close to mine. Anytime I ever consider a move to the country, I will bear this picture in mind.

City utilities are a good thing in my estimation.

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